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Miramar Carpet & Upholstery Care - Gilbert, AZ

Non Toxic Carpet and Floor Cleaners serving Gilbert, Arizona

Whether you’re looking to have office carpet cleaning, residential carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or area rug cleaning, the only place you need to call in the Gilbert, AZ area is Miramar Carpet & Upholstery Care at (602) 832-7670. 

We are a professional carpet cleaning service that focuses on customer service, and have built a solid reputation for being honest, professional, clean, reliable and very thorough. 

Since we’ve been in business since 2007, we know how to do the best job around, and our customers seem to agree because they use us again and again.

Our carpet cleaning style is a unique three-stage process. We always use our truck-mounted system and include power scrubbing at no extra charge.

When we come to your location to begin work, we promise that we will never try and talk you into any add-on services that will end up costing you more. 

The price we quote in the beginning is the final price. In fact, our motto is, “If we try to change the price when we arrive, U KICK US OUT!” and we mean it.

One of our specialties is green, non-toxic carpet cleaning so it’s safe for pets and children. Our products have no chemicals, odor, or soap, and we never leave any debris.

Most people have no idea how dirty and dingy their carpets are until they have them professionally cleaned, and you can feel good about the fact that because of the professional carpet cleaning, the air quality will be better.

There’s no reason why anyone in the Gilbert, AZ area should have to worry about dirty carpets and upholstery ever again. Simply give Miramar Carpet & Upholstery Care a call at (602) 832-7670, and let us get started. 

We promise that there’s no place better for area rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or floor cleaning around, and we mean it when we say, “The job’s not done until you say it’s done.”

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