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Miramar Carpet & Upholstery Care - Queen Creek, AZ

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Queen Creek, Arizona

For the best residential and commercial carpet cleaning company in the Queen Creek area, the only place you need to call is Miramar Carpet & Upholstery Care at (602) 832-7670. We have been in business since 2007, and have learned a lot about what it takes to keep our customers satisfied and your carpets looking their best. Even more than carpets, we will do upholstery cleaning, area rugs and tile cleaning as well.

One thing that we’ve learned in our almost 10 years in business is that people don’t like to pay more than what they were originally quoted, and that’s what separates us from other carpet cleaning companies in the Queen Creek area. When we quote you a price, that’s the price you pay.

Before we even get started, we will ask if you would like any services like pet stain removal, scotch guard, or red stain removal, then we’ll total it all together and give you a quote. In fact, our motto, “If we try to change the price when we arrive, kick us out of your house!” is absolutely how we feel.

The process that we use in order to get your carpets exceptionally clean is done in three stages. We start with a pre-spray, then we perform a power scrub, and finally we steam clean. The product that we use called Procyon, is odor free, chemical free, and leaves no residue. We never use soap and our air movers come free of charge.

We promise that every time you call us to use our services, the technician that comes to your Queen Creek home or office will be courteous, prompt and professional. They will not leave until you are happy with the service, or as we say, the job is not done until you say it’s done.

If you want your carpets cleaned right every time, be sure and call Miramar Carpet & Upholstery Care at (602) 832-7670.

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